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Application for Sign Permit

To erect a permanent sign on a building or in a yard on private property, an application must be submitted along with the required fee, unless regulated otherwise by the Sign By-law.

Payment: Payment can be made online with Visa or Mastercard. You can also pay in-person through debit, cheque, bank draft or money order made payable to "Municipality of Leamington." Reminder, we are a cashless facility. 

Billboard Sign - ground sign that advertises goods, products, or services not sold or offered on the property where the sign is located, and the sign is either single faced or double faced.  The fee for a billboard sign permit is $165.00 per sign.

Ground Sign - a sign supported by uprights or braces embedded in a foundation or embedded directly in the ground.  The fee for a ground sign permit is $82.00 per sign.

Fascia Sign - a sign attached to, marked or inscribed on, erected or placed against a wall forming part of a building, or supported by or through a wall of a building, including a painted wall sign and an awning sign. A fascia sign shall not include any other sign
defined in this By-law unless otherwise stated.  The fee for a fascia sign permit is $82.00 per sign.

Menu Display Board - a sign used in conjunction with a Drive-through, which Sign is used only to display products or services sold or offered on the Lot where the Sign is located. The fee for a menu display board is $80.00 per sign.

Menu Order Board - a sign used in conjunction with a Drive-through approved by the Municipality as part of a commercial development, which Sign is used to display and order products or services sold or offered on the Lot where the Sign is located. The fee for a menu order board is $80.00 per sign.

Projecting Sign - a sign attached to and projecting from a Facade where the Sign Face is not parallel to the Facade to which it is attached. The fee for a projecting sign is $80.00 per sign.

Fee payment must be made at the Municipal Office, 111 Erie Street North, prior to the review of this application and issuance of a permit.

Please note that the following must be submitted with the application.  Copies can be delivered to the Municipal Office, 111 Erie Street North, at the time of fee payment or uploaded with this application.

1.  Two sets of drawings showing all dimensions of the proposed sign(s).  In the case of a fascia sign, show where the proposed sign will be located on the building.

2.  Site Plan of the property indicating the proposed location(s) of the sign(s) in relation to lot lines, where necessary. (Ground signs, Billboard signs and Menu board signs)

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Privacy Statement: Personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act 2001 P.S.O. c45. The information will be used for the purpose of processing an application for a sign permit. Questions about the collection of this information can be directed to the Manager of Legislative Services/Clerk, Municipality of Leamington, 111 Erie Street North, Leamington, Ontario, N8H 2Z9, Telephone: 519-326-5761.


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